*2002 Happy Hippo STAR WARS

The Hipperium acts up
The Happy Hippos have seen the newest."Star Wars" film and are all excited. It' s obvious that they want to experience adventure, like the heroes in the film, on their island. Perfectly in costumes the Hipperium is ready: Luke Eiwalker, with his shining laser sword, shows the light barrier to Dark Laser& Strong! His little robot, Erzwo(R2) Hippo, bleeps so enthusiastically that the boards of golden Droiden H-IPO can hardly work. Meanwhile, the smart smuggler pilot, Happy Han, tries to gain the heart of the beautiful princess, Hippeia. And furred Kumpel Aubacca screams so loudly that Jango Jet has set off the jet propulsion from fright. The only good thing is that both masters, Hippoda and Obi-Wan Hippobi, always are relaxed and help their Hippo knights when it doesn' t go so well as in the film. May power be with them!
Princess Hippeia
The beautiful princess is Luke Eiwalker’s twin sister. She has mighty power and is never intimidated by Dark Laser. It’s only for Happy Han’s charm that she could have a weakness.

This is the dream wedding of the century
Susi Sonnenschein(Sunshine) marries her Happy Hippo in the sunny Hippo valley. And all their friends, from Funny Fanten to Dapsy Dinos, have come to congratulate and celebrate together. As soon as the talkative priest, Paulus Predicus, gave his blessing and overjoyed Wilma Weinumskind shed her last joyful tears, the party began. Even Susi’s childhood friend, Gustav Gluecklos(Luckless), who wishes so much if he were Happy Hippo, cannot be sad any longer. The Pingo boys start music powerfully and that makes them thirsty. It’s obvious that hard-working Service-Sepp goes into a skid. While Dinolichen scatters flowers under the guests’ feet, Moritz Stibitz makes use of the mess to eat some cake secretly. This is just one of the snapshots the photographer Uli Unscharf took for the wedding album….  When they see the photo pictures later, they all will surely be looking forward to the next big event in the new century.

World premiere in the sunny Happy Hippo valley. The funny river horses play “ Hollywood ” and make their first play-film. Star director Arnie Action has assigned all roles perfectly. The leading actress, Marylinchen, practices once again her complicated line, “I love you, Happy Hero.” Here they go: “Sound on! Camera start! And action!”
Humphrey Heartbreaker who plays the leading character casually pulls his hat over his brows and quite cool looks at the camera by Diddi Durchblick. Here they already are: “Cut, everything in the can.” After this tremendous, exciting day of shooting all Happy Hippos meet up at Hippo River . All? No, Dreamer Tommy is still sleeping softly on the cables, over which many stars have tripped before…

Happy Hippo-Boss excellently runs the flourishing company without talking much about it. Willy Warmluft (Warm-Air) talks a lot without really saying something. Only the heater in his office produces more and more warm air. Rudi Ruehrbruch (Stir-Break) takes care of all technical problems. He easily changes a dribbling water tap to the most splendid fountain. A bit overscrupulous Emil Erbsenzaehler (Pea-Counter) has been searching for a 1/2 pfennig(penny) difference in the inventory for days. Dreamer Tommy is the most reliable coworker because who sleeps makes no mistakes. Klara Klatschmaul (Chatty Clara) has no time for a break. She uses every second to spread the newest gossip.
At last, we have got something new about Happy Hippos again. After hard training hours in the Happy Fitness Club our hippos are relaxed on Captain Happy Hippo’s ship in the South Seas . While Nico Neureich (Newrich) solidly tries to win Susi’s favor with heavy rocks, Freddy Flaute (Lull) observes the whole goings-on skeptically. Meanwhile, Dreamer Tommy calmly lets it go on. The effect of good book reading appears just after the first few lines. This heavenly quietness, however, comes to an end shortly before Willi Wirbelwind (Whirlwind) serves set meals cooked by the chef Emil Eintopf. Then, there comes a hectic activity for a short time. Fresh sea air finally makes them hungry.
(Translated from German into English by K.T )

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