The 5th Hippo Festival

"Kaba Matsuri 2000"

Setagaya Gallery (Umegaoka Tokyo)

1. Near the entrance
The blue painting on the wall is an African enamel.
The hippos on the bicycle are from Liberty and Harrods.A glass candy box and a white hippo pen stand.

William, the famous hippo of the Metropolitan Museum, New York, and replicas of ancient Egyptian hippos.On the table, crystal hippos by Swarovski and Baccarat. At the bottom right, a French paper hippo.

Sixteen frames of hippo stamps from Zambia, Togo, Tanzania, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Gambia, Malawi, San Marino and Hungary.

A brooch, a pendant, cuff links, earrings, a watch, a necktie, tiny glass hippos, a wooden puzzle and thimbles in frames.

5.Picture books and scarf
The three frames in the middle are for picture books. A scarf in the frame next to a large Japanese painting.

On the table are a chessboard and hippos of various materials.


7.Paintings and more
Japanese paintings, watercolors and oil paintings. On the shelf, bookends, a thinking hippo and a hippo taking a bath.

8. A panel for the whole Hipomi collection
A PC on the table gives a slide show of the collection (an hour and a half for the whole show). On the floor is a gray hippo stool.